Pro Staff: Kayak & Canoe Anglers Club

If you are a member or reader of the family, as an added benefit, you are automatically a member of the club. The Kayak & Canoe Anglers Club is the largest kayak & canoe anglers club in North America and, I’m pretty sure but not positive, the universe.

The K&CAC (working on a better acronym or at least one that can be pronounced phonetically) will also have a Senior Exalted Pro Staff. These will be people who have paddled a kayak or a canoe at least once (or at least witnessed one being paddled). Since this Pro Staff will also be required do have some competency in fishing (this is an anglers club after all) a Pro Staff member will be required to know the difference between a snook and a manatee (hint, one has a BLACK stripe).

To become a member of the Senior Exalted Pro Staff you will have to certify verbally to a spouse, pet, neighbor, significant other or some guy on the street that you meet these requirements. If you find that all simply laugh at your certification, we will accept your promise that you looked at yourself in the mirror and certified your eligibility and did so without laughing.

Once you have certified your eligibility, you must say out loud “I want to be appointed to the PF.comK&CAC Senior Exalted Pro Staff”. Once you say that out loud, listen real closely and you may or may not hear an “Okay, you’re in” response. Regardless of whether you hear the response, rest assured that it was given. I promise, trust me. You may show your appointment by proudly announcing in your forum signature line:

Senior Exalted Pro Staff Member of the Kayak & Canoe Anglers Club

This Senior Exalted Pro Staff standing allows you to list your status in resumes, corporate bios, ‘about the author’ descriptions, and an added kick in your pick up lines at the bar.  It may also help you jump the long lines at the Post Office during the holidays.

So, welcome to the club and we’ll be listening closely for your appointment requests!

(Ok, obviously this is a tongue-in-cheek way of jabbing a bit at the absurd amount of “pro staff” this and “fishing team” that.  It’s getting a little out of control in the kayak fishing community.  Regardless, we’re serious.  You deserve this as an awesome designation and on a fishing shirt…)

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