PFTS #1 – Dynamic Duo

We had 47 anglers show compete in the event held on the south shore of Tampa Bay.

There were a total of 7 slams caught today ranging from 37″ to 73″ *.

Slam Division

1st Place – JoseC with a 59.25″ slam. He won $235.00
2nd Place – Native1-with a 55″ slam. He won $141.00
3rd Place – ChrisR-with a 51.25″ slam. He won $94.00


1st Place – Cooknfish. 22.2″
2nd Place – Kspops- 22″
3rd Place – Bseggs-21.25″


1st Place-13-31″
2nd Place-Skinnywater-27.25″
3rd Place-Norm-26.5″


1st Place-Kneedeep-30″
2nd Place-Dawgfish-23.75″
3rd Place-PBR-22″

Please visit the forum for more information, participant comments and pictures from the event.

*Not all slams counted due to not following picture taking rules