PFTS #3 Important Update!

Due to a death in Todd’s wife’s family, he will not be able to attend the Erick Bell Memorial this weekend.

The immediate thought was to reschedule for the following weekend. After rethinking that idea and talking to several others it seems best to cancel PFTS #3 for December.

We have several open dates in February/March where we can reschedule this event.Changing PFTS #3 to the following week (the 18th) put it the week before Christmas which just did not fit in a lot of folks schedules. Plus, it was not fair to many in the PFTS Angler of the Year race to continue with the event that would have little participation.

If you know anyone who was signed up please contact them. We would feel really bad for that one guy that did not get the news and he shows up at 6 AM at the sign in and no one is there.

Once Todd gets back from out of town, we will find some dates and reschedule PFTS #3.

Thanks for everyone’s understanding and out condolences to Todd’s family for their loss.