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Post by kmo217 » Tue Apr 15, 2014 4:47 pm

Hi everybody. My name is Kevin. I was born and raised in Venice, FL. I grew up saltwater fishing in the area, but then got pulled over to bass fishing on a three year detour to South Korea where I fished in a Korean bass fishing league with a team made up of myself and some soldiers (I was over there teaching English, not a soldier myself).

My brother is on here and got me into kayak fishing by letting me tag along on his second kayak. I finally bought one for myself about a month ago. I picked up a blem Ocean Kayak Big Game Prowler, the same model as my brother's extra kayak. It suits me well as I am a man of the larger variety.

I was able to to recently fish the Kayak for Coop tournament, and had a pretty good time. I tend to keep to myself, but I managed to talk to a few of you there. It's fun to be fishing tournaments again, especially ones where everyone speaks English!

I'm currently up in Bradenton, close to Palma Sola Bay. I may be moving back to Venice, or to St. Pete in the near future depending on how a job interview goes. I look forward to getting out more on my kayak and learning more about how to catch more fish from it!

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Post by DoubleM » Fri Apr 25, 2014 3:13 pm

Good for you to jump right into a tournament, braver than most! c-ya around
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