Lake Worth Report

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Keith B
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Lake Worth Report

Post by Keith B » Mon Apr 09, 2012 6:31 am

Well, I wish had another couple of days around the Snook Islands!
This place was super easy to access. I turned off US1 right into Bryant Park, backed in and off loaded the kayak. A short 5-8 minute paddle and I was in the islands. What a cool place! If you have not seen it do a google maps search for it. The only problem was I caught it on an out going tide. I arrived at first light and was in the zone just around sun up. I had three rods with me, spinning, baitcasting, and fly, so I figured I would have the water column secured. I started throwing a top water plug, red and white mirror lure, with no luck. I made my way around the oyster reefs and mangroves and came to the back side of a little island. The wind was blowing straight down the ICW. I threw next to the rocks and BAM!, but it came undone right as I was about to get it out of the water (not really sure what it was). I threw out again with the jerk bait (electric chicken) and BAMM! this was a snook and he was pissed. He ran 90degrees from the rocks and I was trying to get the hook set, but I did not get it set well and off he went. I eased over about 50 yards to this horse shoe shaped oyster reef where I saw a few busts in the water. I had switched top water plugs to a more natural looking bait, and on the first cast, BAM!, he was on and not getting off. About 18-20 inch and about 2.5-3 lbs of my first snook ever. I threw the jerk bait in and BAM, another snook about the same size. I decided to throw the fly (white gurgler) and BAM! and he broke my tippett! I fished in that small area for a while and had a few more bites. I moved on and up the water to a place that came out from the bank 90 degrees. I just knew that bait would be blown against the rocks so I positioned the yak and made a cast down the rocks with a DOA CAL paddle tail and BAM!! another snook in that 3 lb range. Worked my way along the rock edge with another couple of bites. At one point in this little area I had a lot of twist so I gave it one long cast to remove the twist, and then on the next cast I gave it a long throw down the edge of the rocks (not quite as close as I wanted) so about half way back I started turning the handle of my Stradic 3000 pretty quickly and almost at the boat the biggest hit of the day happened. I was on full retrieve, hauling butt, and this thing hit like a freight train. I did not get that one in but my adreneline was pumping for sure.
Things slowed down after that and I searched a few areas and even anchored for a few and just relaxed contemplating leaving. I decided to put some of my salt water television watching to work for me, and started searching out a pattern. Now you have to know I am in less than 2 ft of water at this point. I saw a mangrove hangning over the water providing shade so I eased over there tossed the paddle tail under the tree and BAM, he stripped my knot clean. I fished a little area around this culvert I saw, and the adjacent wall with a few more hits and smaller fish. I worked this pattern of shade and wall for a little while longer until I called it a day.
Great place for sure, and very accessible. I would suggest it to all of you guys around the area looking for a new location to fish.
I was told there are jacks in the area too, but not much more in the way of game fish. I did see a huge tail, about the size of my extended hand, blueish in color tailing hard at one point but was told there are no reds in the area. Any idea what it could have been?

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Re: Lake Worth Report

Post by ChrisR » Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:27 am

Thanks for the report. I've never been to that area to fish. Sounds pretty nice.

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Re: Lake Worth Report

Post by bluebill » Tue Apr 24, 2012 7:52 pm

Kieth - thanks for the report - i have always wondered about Lake Worth - my sister lives just north of the park where you launched and I get over there from Ft myers area several times each year - I will bring my kayak one of these trips - did you paddle north of the causeway to get to the Snook Islands area?
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snook bill
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Re: Lake Worth Report

Post by snook bill » Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:53 pm

Nice report thanks!

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Re: Lake Worth Report

Post by UltimateBobWPB » Mon Apr 30, 2012 4:39 pm

Thanks for the report Keith. I live in WPB and keep meaning to hit those islands. I've gone over on foot to check out access. You need to approach the kayak drop off from the east side of the ICW bridge. Then deal with parking. Only a few free ones between the east and west bound lanes on the west end of bridge an paid parking to the north but you got to drive around a couple of blocks to get to them due to 1 way street layout. I think it would be easier to drop in on the east side of the ICW a small park, free parking, small sandy beach to launch from. Just a short paddle a cross the channel. I think I'll be trying it out early one morning soon. Thanks

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