Born & Raised

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Born & Raised

Post by HeritageRed14SRQ »

Good afternoon Folks just joined today, came across a thread from here through a search about redfish fishing in Sarasota Bay I was doing this afternoon. I am somewhat new to the kayak fishing world, somewhat new to the saltwater fishing world in general. This seem like a great idea for a way to meet other kayak anglers and learn more about how to be successful on the water. If there's anybody that is ever looking for someone to join them on the water keep me in mind I'm very eager to learn. have a heritage redfish 14 with rudder and carbon fiber paddle. I've never really used quality tackle on salt water, recently I picked up my two favorite new rigs, both of them are Penn One is a Fierce II 3000 w/ Shimano rod and the other is a Battle II 300 w/ Battle II rod. I recently purchased a hummingbird helix five for a steel from an app called letgo. I plan on installing that and making a custom box for the compact 12 V jail cell battery I plan on using to power it. If anybody has any tips or tricks they can think of right off the bat, I would like to think you and advance for any you shared. Look forward to chatting with you guys and gals.

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Re: Born & Raised

Post by Manning »

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you found Paddle-Fishing. The bad news is that you are about 5 years too late. Some number of years ago this was an amazing community with a wealth of knowledge. However, over the past few years the activity on this site dwindled to almost nothing. The site used to be run by kayak fishing enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Today...not so much.

If you plan on fishing for reds, snook and trout in and around the Sarasota area I would recommend that you put the fish finder back on Letgo and ...well let it go. It will be of very little use in flats fishing. Rather than waste your time doing a custom install of this get out and spend the time fishing.

I live in Sarasota and there are lots of quality fishing launches within a short drive. This site used to have a wonderful listing of launch site around Sarasota and Tampa, but I think the new site management has taken it down. Pick a convenient launch and fish it often in different conditions (tides). Over time you will figure it out and start catching more fish.

Get these three lures. (1) DOA shadtail in Arkansas glow on a 1/8 jig. Everything hits this. Don't "work it", just throw it and retrieve it. (2) Mirrolure lil john on a 1/16 or 1/8 jug. Work it by bouncing it of the bottom. Looks like a shrimp jumping up. Everything hits it. (3) Spook Jr in bone color. It is a topwater lure. Learn to make it walk the dog and you will catch fish.

Good luck out there.
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Re: Born & Raised

Post by Mark R »

Steve, surprised to see someone else on! :thumbright: :thumbright: :thumbright:
Steve's post is spot on.
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Re: Born & Raised

Post by krash »

Been here for years and pretty much gone now... like said above used to be a great site, but most have moved on, some to other forums, some to other hobbies, but I think most to social media broadcast and forget posting FB/IG...

I'm not near Sarasota area but inlaws live directly on the bay in the ne area.. they have a flat behing their house that is apparently a prime fishing spot as I see many boaters catching them up.. form their dock I see Reds & Snook all the time even though its very shallow, perfect for paddle craft.

The lures listed are spot on what I'd use...

If'n I lived in that area I'd follow Capt. Rick Grasset and JmSnooky both are guides in the area and fish it daily.. from their reports you will gain a lot of knowledge of whats currently being caught in and around that area.

Good luck, there are a couple other forums that still have some traffic from paddle fishermen.. one located/central to Tampa Bay, and another more to the areas a bit South of you. My son lives in Tampa and mainly fishes fomr his 25 Pathfinder, but has a kayak, and if it helps he does well on the flats and up in the mangroves form Apollo Beach to the Skyway areas.. as well as the rest of Tampa Bay, its his wifes parents who have the house on Sarasota/Bradenton side of that Bay.
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