PFTS 2014 - 2015 PFTS Preface

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PFTS 2014 - 2015 PFTS Preface

Post by Rik »

This post is the equivalent of the Preface of a novel. The announcement of PFTS #1 will be in another post.

This year we're going to do things differently for several reasons. The PFTS will be aimed to be more of a get together than a tournament. Fun will rule the day. Yes, you'll pay $10 to enter and the total collected will be payed out - same as always. However, I simply do not have the time to chase after sponsors, drive around town picking things up, making the dozens of phone calls and sending out dozens of emails. Most of you have never put together a tournament, much less a series of tournament, but it takes a LOT of time.

I'd really thought of just not having a PFTS this year. MY main helper - Bill "Heywood" Howard - is in the Mayo clinic getting an extended proctology exam. Without him the last 2 years wouldn't have been as successful as they were. However, unfortunately and sadly but with great hope for future years, Heywood isn't available this year. (btw, the Mayo clinic part was true, the proctology part not so much)

That written, the Tournament Series is the longest running kayak fishing tournament series in the world. Really, it is. There is no other series that even comes close in longevity. The PFTS is truly a highlight of kayak fishing history. We've watched other tournaments come and go. We've watched others intentionally step on our traditional dates that we'd had for years. We've had others exactly duplicate (word for word) our formats. My reaction to all of them has been "Really? Do you not have a creative bone in your body? Build your own tournament!" Despite all that, we always had more contestants than the others. I hope we can do the same thing this year. That "longest running" title is not something I really want to give up.

As it stands right now, the PFTS has one sponsor - LLEWELLYN INSURANCE SERVICES, INC. - which happens to be the independent insurance agency my brother, Todd, and I own. And, btw, we'd enjoy the opportunity to be your insurance agent. We've worked with several members of this site and I can say with confidence that all of them have been pleased. And, no, I will not promise that you can save $372 on your auto insurance like every insurance ad out there. I see those ads and get embarrassed about the marketing 'geniuses' in my industry. I know you're not that gullible.

If any of you would like to line up sponsors, go right ahead. Call me at 727-894-5555 or email me at rik(at) if you have questions. That (at) is to deny the sweepers. I already get plenty of emails from Julia Love with her pics in a zip file (anyone brave enough to open an unknown zip file? I'm kinda curious whats in there) and offers of ATM cards with $5 bazillion on them where all I have to do is send a $297 processing fee to some place in Nigeria.

As always, we want this to be fun. We want this to appeal to the fun side of the competitive guys out there and to attract the "I don't fish tournaments" guys. Where else do you find a kayak tournament that has Ladyfish and Lizardfish as 'money' fish? Where else do you have a Mystery Lure where you don't know what you're using until you show up on Saturday morning? Last year, out of the 15 money spots, we had 11 different winners. Nobody won more than 2 of the money spots during the season. We intentionally avoid the typical 'slam' tournament because that's what everyone else does and, not surprisingly, it always seems to be the same guys wining over and over. If a guy fishes a lot and has a lot of friends who also fish a lot, they just have better info on where the fish are. It's not cheating, it's just being good at fishing. However, none of those guys will ask their buddies to keep an eye out for hot Ladyfish spots.

I said this was a Preface. It's become more of a book so I'll end it here. The announcement will be up today or tomorrow. I hope to see you out there at the morning sign in at O dark 30.
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Re: PFTS 2014 - 2015 PFTS Preface

Post by FreshlySalted »

Rik, I was thinking, yes I know that is a scary thought.

My idea: You post date time and area..etc, you pick a lure type and hook style and we as participants go buy/bring our own. We present them at time of sign in and you verify.

Let me know what you think.
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Re: PFTS 2014 - 2015 PFTS Preface

Post by Mark R »

Wow, it has been 4 years. Sad.
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