A must fish in Virginia Kiptopeke State Park

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A must fish in Virginia Kiptopeke State Park

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Kiptopeke State Park

Just before the Bay bridge there is a park with Concrete Ships use for beach protection.
For the full history lesson check this site out.http://www.concreteships.org/ships/kiptopeke/

These ships are magnets for Striped bass, locally they are called Rockfish.

Striped bass/Rock Fish migrate from the Chesapeake up to the Northeast and back. Once the Winter Kicks in and the water temp drop up North the Bass head south and the "Fall Run" starts. The Beach's of NY, Long Island, NJ, CT etc. light up with all variety of bait.

At the end of this run is Virginia.

World Record size bass are caught in this area Dec - Jan.

There is access to fish the Bay Bridge a little further down the road, check the tides and plan accordingly.

I fished it twice and caught my personal best. It's not the most exciting fishing live lining eels at night in freezing weather. But if you want to catch a big one this is the place. A drysuit is a must IMHO, the temps are low and a 50lb bass will turtle you quick if your are not careful.
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