Manatee Cove

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Manatee Cove

Post by tomboy » Mon Aug 15, 2011 4:59 am

Followed the setting moon to Manatee Cove yesterday morning. LagoonAddict and I met for the first time and I don't know why I am still amazed at the instant comraderie with kayak fisherman (persons). :D We paddled out along the shore avoiding the manatees. It was so beautiful. There was a slight breeze. No bugs! Perfect fishing weather. LagoonAddict caught a trout right away. The skunk was off. Him, anyway. We found a cove with Reds tailing everywhere. Big tails! LA wisely went off to catch some trout while I threw everything I had in my tackle box enticingly in front of them. No go. Finally, I just tried to hit one in the head to tick him off enough to bite. I guess I must need some east coasters to come show me how to catch these big Reds we have over here. All in all, a bad day on the water is truly better than....

Thanks, LagoonAddict. Great morning!
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Re: Manatee Cove

Post by LagoonAddict » Mon Aug 15, 2011 7:51 am

Yes, it was a gorgeous morning to be on the water. Its so beautiful to be on the water around sunrise.

I was pleased to see how the county has cleaned up the launch area at Manatee Cove. I was also surprised to see how high the population of manatees was at the Cove. Usually in the summer there's just a few and then they pile up in the winter to keep warm. However, yesterday Tomboy and I had to pick our way carefully thru the herds to get out to the river.

That area is so beautiful, I still take a sigh when I paddle thru it after almost 10 years of fishing there. LOTS AND LOTS of tails throughout the morning. Tomboy and I threw just about every color and style we had but the reds were "tails" up an "heads" down.....I am sure they were too busy sucking their breakfast out of the muddy bottom and weren't having any of the soft or hard lures we were throwing.

I ended up with four decent trout and anything tugging on my line makes it time I'm taking some crab and cut bait just in case.

Good meeting Tomboy...she certainly holds her own with her kayak and fishing ability...super morning...paddled back to the launch area around 10:30 and was home, cleaned by lunch time. No sense in trying to fight this heat.

We're inviting everyone to join us on the east coast. Going to do Thousand Islands out from Cocoa Beach soon.....COME ON AND JOIN IN THE FUN!!!!
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Re: Manatee Cove

Post by UrbanLegend » Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:02 am

I'll keep an eye out LA. I'm off work this Friday and since I haven't been on the water in almost two weeks I'm jonesing 'reel' bad.

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Re: Manatee Cove

Post by John » Thu Aug 25, 2011 2:43 pm

re you sure those tails were Reds and nor Black Drum, next time try a topwater lure, the noise will make them look up form their nosing and might persuade them to bite.
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Re: Manatee Cove

Post by BearsFan » Tue Sep 06, 2011 10:11 am

There are much better species to target from that launch, IMHO.
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