Favorite flats lures

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Favorite flats lures

Post by clayking »

I'm just beginning to gear up for kayak and flats fishing in the IR around the Vero Beach area.

What are some good lures, top and subsurface that everyone finds to be good around attractors? I also plan on fly-fishing the flats but I suspect that I will do more spinning than flying casting....................ck

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Post by fishmaster892 »

Get a super spook jr. bone color
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Post by Wiedy »

Any jerk-baits rigged weedless, the weighted hooks work pretty well, and come out of mangroves a lot eaisier than plugs do. For early mornings and calm evenings throw some top water plugs like the skitterwalks and zara spooks for some explosive action.

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Post by mudfoot »

silver spoons, solid white and rootbeer/gold soft plastics with jig hooks and weedless rigs, any friggin' topwater plug on the market to day will work pretty much. just check the hooks/hardware.

wooden plugs earn cool points at the ramp. there's a still few of the local carvers with plugs in the mom n pop stores if you look.

flies would be ep baitfish patterns, gurglers, and clousers. remeber...weedless or it's worthless.

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