J.D. McArthur Park - 04/14/08

West Palm to Jacksonville
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J.D. McArthur Park - 04/14/08

Post by Redfishn'Ale » Mon Apr 14, 2008 10:20 pm

I was picking up some reels today up by WPB and i brought my kayak and rods along "incase" i found somewhere to launch and of course, i did.

My first five casts produced two rat reds...i realized i had forgotten my camera...i paddled back, got the camera, then caught nothing for a hour...

The tide was dead low when i launched @ 11am and the first hour after noon was pretty uneventful as well, i made my way out to the ICW and turned back as soon as the full force of the winds hit me. Luckily, by this time the tide was moving in and i started catching little jacks on the 17mr.

I was about to give up around 2pm and as i was paddling back i saw a mullet being crashed and sure enough i spot linesiders, i stayed a bit longer and was rewarded with a snook, not the biggest, but better than no snook at all.

The water looks nice in the park, it just doesn't seem to hold alot of fish...guess you got to keep heading north...


little jacks have eyes bigger than their mouths


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Post by tripletailtim » Tue Apr 15, 2008 2:59 pm

Nice pictures Rolando. It was good to meet you yesterday, I hope you like those fin-nor reels. I've had the same experiences with the mcArthur park/munyon island area(I've caught fish but have never had what I consider a great or even good day). I know guys that have caught nice sized snook and jacks from there but those catches seem to be few and far in between. The reds and trout from there seem to be on the small side(unless things have changed since I was last there a couple years ago)---although we should consider ourselves lucky to catch ANY sized trout or red from PB county waters! The extra hour drive north to the Indian River is well worth it! I'll see you at Round Island gathering on the 26th if we're both able to go.



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Post by BlueCrab » Wed Apr 16, 2008 1:28 pm

8) 8)

Nice bote.
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