My Boat series

If you use one that is listed, please add a review. If a kayak or canoe that you would like to give a review of is not listed, please add it. This is also where you can show off your boat.
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My Boat series

Post by Rik » Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:17 pm

I want to start a series called "My Boat". I'll start it off with a post about how I've set up my Native Ultimate 14.5. My hopes it that others will follow suit and make a "My Boat" post about theirs.

This could be a good resource for all of us - new and old alike. Some kayaks/canoes are rigged simply while others look like it took a rigging crew a week to get it all done. Neither is right or wrong. It is how the owner wants his boat rigged.

You don't have to follow my format. Since mine is the first it is only a suggestion. Some of you shutterbugs will undoubtedly have better pics.

Lets try to keep the threads on the topic of the boat in the thread.
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Re: My Boat series

Post by yakanglr » Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:46 am

A picture is worth...
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Re: My Boat series

Post by FX4 » Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:05 pm

My boat, round three (Malibu X-13):


I haven't fully finished setting it up yet and will post a full report when done.
So far,
What I like:
1. Paddles well, better than my tarpon 160, not as good as the tempest 170. It tracks straight and is easy to turn. It seems to paddle fairly fast.
2. Tons of in hull storage space. You can load this thing up with rods and gear and take off for a few days fishing.
3. Relatively stable, although I don't think I would stand in this even though Malibu claims you can.
4. Much more manageable out of the water than the Tarpon 160.

What I don't like:

1. No built in floatation. You flood it, it's headed to the bottom. I'll glue some pool noodles to the interior to solve this issue.
2. The factory bungee system stinks. The lashing system makes it more decorative than functional. I'll look into replacing the anchor points.
3. It's kind of hard to slow paddle and cast in current. The keel on this boat makes it want to go with the current.

Other notes:
Not sure I need a rudder with this boat. While I'm actively paddling I don't find I need to do much one sided paddling even in a strong cross current. It seems kind of odd given that when just trying to slow paddle ans cast it really wants to go with the current.

I have the X-Wing console on order for mounting the electronics, hopefully it lives up to the reviews: ... g-console/" onclick=";return false;

I really don't get the whole child seat thing on the gator hatch. I don't think I would take a young kid fishing on this boat with me. Would anybody?

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Re: My Boat series

Post by Surfmonkey » Wed May 01, 2013 6:04 pm

Nucanoe Frontier 12


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Re: My Boat series

Post by godsmack481 » Sat Jun 15, 2013 9:32 am

I see a lot of kayaks out there and they look really nice. I've used several kayaks ranging from expensive to cheaper sit on tops. One day I went to Worldwide and saw a kayak that looked really nice, lots of storage, and it was a sit in. It was the Ascend FS12. Later on after some research I ended up picking up 2, one for myself, and one for my lady. Sit on top vs sit in I guess is just a personal preference. I have had this thing for all of about 2 weeks, taken it out 3 times and each time has been really amazing. I wish I could post pics, but I'm the work computer

Things I feel I need to add:
A stern light
A sturdy after market rod tender, the one it came with is rather flimsy
A stainless steel ring to clip the anchor to, not comfortable with the plastic ring it came with

All in all, awesome kayak. It tracks well, it is well balanced (though I would never try standing up), and despite the things I have heard about sit ins this thing has enough room for me and I'm not a tiny dude.

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