A few Trout

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A few Trout

Post by sfurman » Mon Nov 03, 2008 6:57 am

Well I made it out Saturday morning. I could have swor I saw 5 - 10 mph on the weather report but it was a steady 15 if you ask me. Any way a negative low tide at 9:30 and a NE wind ment no water of course. I paddled out to the last marker where there is a hole and it looked like a goodspot to catch flounder so I cast along the edge of the grass to work my jig back along the sand and bam a flounder. He was decent and I thought I might catch a few so i strung him up. Kept trying that for a while and no more flounder.

Then I caught a 15.5" trout and tossed him back. I decided to start casting for trout and the next one was 20" so I strung him up. The next one was 22" so he went on the stringer. I usually don't keep trout but these were nice and fat and I had to have somethiong to go with the floiunder. The next few fish I had to let go because they were too big. I know some people hate that but I think it was great. I had plenty of fish and quit by 11:30. I think the cold temperatuers that night sent the fish out looking for some warm water. I wasted too much time fishing in the creek but I always do that.

There was dry land all the way out to the last marker. I should have just walked out there. :roll:
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Post by mudfish » Mon Nov 03, 2008 2:18 pm

Sounds like a yummy dinner Steve. :D

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