Blackburn Point (Osprey) Launch Areas - Conflicts?

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Blackburn Point (Osprey) Launch Areas - Conflicts?

Post by mjrodney »

Their are two suitable, Sarasota County controlled, kayak/canoe launch areas on Blackburn Point Road in Osprey.

The South launch point is new and using it to head South works well.

However, using the South launch point when you intend to head North requires you to go under the swing bridge.

Depending on the prevailing current and boat traffic, that can make for some exciting moments.

The North launch point has been there for many a year now, and it is the more desirable launch point for kayaker's and canoist's who desire to head North.

Nonetheless, a newer change to that North launch point is growing use of that ramp by a very popular Sculling group, who, based on my past experience, can sometimes think of that ramp as being reserved solely for their use. (The County has stated that this is a dual use ramp and not for the exclusive use of anyone).

I've heard some harsh words between some Sculler types and Kayak fishermen who wish to use that ramp, simultaneously.

A few scullers have, in the past and in my presence, made derogatory comments about fishermen in general, putting us all in the same mold, as folks who discard used fishing line, hooks and lures "all over the ramp", and where Scullers are forced to wear shoes because of the trash these "fisher types" have left behind.

In one instance, a kayaker and a sculler exchanged some very heated words about this.

Has anyone else experienced personal conflicts at this northern ramp or was I just lucky?

I asked the County to cut a separate Kayak/Canoe path to the water on the north side, but that went nowhere fast.

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Re: Blackburn Point (Osprey) Launch Areas - Conflicts?

Post by nowake »

Have launched several times from area, I usually launch from the end of ramp ( sand area)and the scullers use the floating dock. I haven't had a problem I usually say hello and go about my business. I haven't had anyone tell me not to use the ramp or make comments other than to ask about the pedals on my hobie or what do I catch.

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Re: Blackburn Point (Osprey) Launch Areas - Conflicts?

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Unfortunately there are all kinds of selfish people in the world and it seems to be getting worse. You can fight back or just grin and bare it.
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