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Product Search Results For "Cabela's 20-Piece Egg Assortment - flamingo"

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Cabela's VIB-ORADO Prism Foil 80-Piece Blade Assortment - Green Cabela's VIB-ORADO Prism Foil 80-Piece Blade Assortment - Green

Combine the pulsating vibrations sent out by our perforated blade and the easy-spinning Colorado design, and you have the VIB-ORADO. These blades from Cabelas belong in your tackle box. The unique vibration and assortment of colors will lure walleye or trout to your bait. The perforated holes in each blade send pulsating vibrations through the water to create more disturbance and entice fish. Includes 10 each of size 3 and 4 of the four differently colored blades. Kit includes: Prism Foil Red, Prism Foil Green, Yellow/Green, Yellow/Orange. Cancer and Reproductive Harm- Type: Blades.

Price: $19.99

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Umpqua 20-Piece Premium Tenkara Fly Assortment with UPG Box - Black Umpqua 20-Piece Premium Tenkara Fly Assortment with UPG Box - Black

Tenkara is a traditional type of fly fishing practiced in Japan using only a rod, line and fly to make precise, delicate presentations. Umpqua assembled 20 flies in their Premium Tenkara Assortment created for this specific fly-fishing technique. Comes with a small, size 277 fly box. Includes: #20 Tenkara BWO Emerger. #18 S.T. Tenkara Midge, Black. #16 Tenkara X Caddis, Tan. #14 Wired T Dip, Rust. #16 Wired T Dip, Purple. #16 Tenkara Caddis Pupa, Green. #15 Tenkara Pheasant Tail Nymph. Per 2. #17 Tenkara Glass Emerger. #16 Tenkara Prince, Copper. Per 2. #17 Tenkara Wulff, Royal. Per 2. #18 Improved Sparkle Dun, Baetis. #16 Micro Beeley. #14 Tenkara Bloody Stone. #20 Tenkara Midge, Dark. #16 Tenkara Sparkle Dun, PMD. #13 Tenkarant, Black. Per 2. Cancer and Reproductive Harm- Type: Fly Assortments.

Price: $59.99

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