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Cabela's 14-Piece Pro Caddis Fly Assortment - Black

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Our Price: $19.99

Found in streams across the nation, caddis flies are a staple food source for hard-hitting summer trout, making our 14-Piece Pro Caddis Fly Assortment one no angler should leave home without. The perfect assortment to match all types of water flows, simply let your caddis fly of choice float and drift to produce attractive, lifelike movements that even the most wary fish wont be able to resist. Includes one of each: CDC Elk (#13), CDC Elk (#15), Puterbaughs Foam Caddis Black (#14), Puterbaughs Foam Caddis Black (#16), Hot Wing Caddis Tan (#12), Hot Wing Caddis (#14), Matthews X-caddis Olive (#16), Matthews X-caddis Olive (#18), Elk Hair Caddis Tan (#10), Elk Hair Caddis Tan (#12), Pear and Elk Caddis (#12), Pearl and Elk Caddis (#14), Goddard Caddis (#12) and Goddard Caddis (#14). Cancer and Reproductive Harm- Type: Fly Assortments.