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Advanced Tackle Michigan Stinger Stingray Spoon - Black

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Our Price: $7.99

Michigan Stingers Stingray Spoon is crafted with the highest-quality materials and feature realistic, durable finishes. Their tournament-winning action enticingly performs at any trolling speed. The curved profile wobbles and flutters through the water, putting out maximum flash and subtle vibrations that trigger all cold-water species to go on a feeding binge. Great for all species of trout and salmon as well as pike, bass and walleye. Per each. Size:4-1/4 (13/16 oz.). Colors:(005)Kevorkian,(006)Monkey Puke, (014)Shrimp,(042)Jordo,(062)Glow Alewife,(069)Dirty White Boy,(072)Green Dolphin,(077)Blue Dolphin, (080)Bloody Nose,(100)NBK UV, (104)Hawg Wild,(107)Chicken Wing,(125)Mixed Veggies UV,(129)FN Wiggle, (152)Gator, (158)Frog Circus Freak,(171)White Neon,(200)Blue Veggies,(201)Blue Veggies Yellow UV, (208)Yellow Killer,(276)Green Glow Alewife,(287)Icicle, (304)Carmel Dolphin, (306)Nuclear Green,(322)Green Dot Glow,(325)Modified Green Dolphin,(326)Modified Carmel Dolphin,(329)Blue Glitter Glow, (390)Black Tuxedo UV, (392)Blue Tuxedo UV, (395)Mixed Veggies Yellow UV, (396)Gator UV,(397)Blue Dolphin UV,(400)Dolphin UV, (418)Pickleseed UV,(419)Frostbyte UV, (50 Type: Hard Baits.