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Product Search Results For "Brad's Lighted Magnum Wiggler - Black"

Brad's Lighted Wiggler Crankbait - Black Brad's Lighted Wiggler Crankbait - Black

Brads Lighted Wiggler Crankbait is a superb diving/floating crankbait utilizing two-piece molded construction for superior strength and durability. Can be fished by trolling, plunking from boat or bank, casting or back bouncing. Use for trout, steelhead, salmon, bass, walleye and many others. The lights are activated when both hooks or hook eyelets are in water. Per each. Size: 3, 3/8 oz., Dives 6-13 ft. Colors: (001)Clear/Fluorescent Green, (002)Cerise Craw, (003)Clear/Red, (004)Salmon Craw, (005)Firetiger, (006)Pink/Black, (007)Red/Silver, (008)Lazer Rainbow, (505)Clear/Red Herringbone (not shown). Cancer and Reproductive Harm- Type: Hard Baits.

Price: $9.49

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Brad's Magnum Diver - Black Brad's Magnum Diver - Black

Sporting an effective metal bill, Brads Magnum Diver delivers a superb diving and wiggling action that begs for attention. Its shining, two-piece, metal body is built for hard-hitting action. Ideal for trolling, casting or back bouncing. Dives 14-18 ft. when trolled. Per each. Colors: (001)Black, (002)Metallic Red, (003)Metallic Green, (014)Metallic Blue. Cancer and Reproductive Harm- Type: Hard Baits.

Price: $7.49

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Brad's Magnum Wigglers - Chartreuse Brad's Magnum Wigglers - Chartreuse

The wiggling action of Brads Magnum Wigglers entices hungry fish to strike and aggravates every other fish into doing the same. Durable two-piece molded construction. Dives to 12-18 ft. when casting or 24 ft. when trolling. Per each. Size: 3-3/4, 3/4 oz. Colors:(003)Metallic Sliver/Black Red Belly, (004)Metallic Silver/Red Top, (005)Fluorescent Red, (006)Blue Pirate,(007)Fluorescent Pink, (009)Fluorescent Red/Silver Flake, (012)Green Pirate, (016)Metallic Pink/Black Bill,(017)Fluorescent Red/Black Herringbone, (018)Solid Orange, (025)Metallic Silver/Flame Red,(026)Metallic Sliver/Chartreuse Herringbone,(028)Lazer Rainbow, (029)Cerise/Blue Herringbone, (034)Luminous Green Herringbone, (035)Metallic Silver/Blue Herringbone, (036)Metallic Yellow,(037)Metallic Silver/Chartreuse, (039)Metallic Gold/Flourescent Red,(074)Firetiger. Cancer and Reproductive Harm- Type: Hard Baits.

Price: $6.99

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