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Advanced Tackle Michigan Stinger Spoons - Black

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Our Price: $7.49

Michigan Stingers Spoons are crafted with the highest-quality materials and feature realistic, durable finishes. Their tournament-winning action enticingly performs at any trolling speed. The curved profile wobbles and flutters through the water, putting out maximum flash and subtle vibrations that trigger all cold-water species to go on a feeding binge. Great for all species of trout and salmon as well as pike, bass and walleye. Per each. Size:3-3/4. Colors:(005)Kevorkian,(006)Monkey Puke,(014)Shrimp, (042)Jordo,(048)Alewife,(049)Steelie Stomper,(053)Blue Edge,(059)Yellow Tail,(066)Silver Shiner,(069)Dirty White Boy,(076)Hawg Wild,(077)Blue Dolphin,(100)Plum Crazy,(102)KC1-2 UV,(107)Chicken Wing,(109)Bloody Nose,(110)Bumblebee,(113)Watermelon,(124)Caramel Dolphin,(125)Mixed Veggies,(129)FN Wiggle,(141)P. Stinger Rose Baby,(151)Gator,(159)Copper Puke,(185)Purple/Black,(199)Blond Muffin,(274)Blue Bubble,(288)Glow Goby,(299)7-Up,(315)Screwy Stewie,(320)Orange Flash Dot,(321)Blue Dot Glow,(322)Green Dot Glow,(323)Modified Dolphin,(324)Modified Blue Dolphin,(326)Modified Carmel Dolphin,(327)